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profilepicSince you already know my name, I’ll jump into who I am. I was born and raised in a small town in northern Wisconsin. Far from shopping malls, stoplights and even your standard chain restaurants. It wasn’t until high school that our town installed the very first stoplight in the county. Needless to say, I had to find other venues to occupy my youthful curiosity. Most of this time was spent within the trees. My parents bought an area of land just outside of town where we built our first house. A house that was and only has been lived in by my family. It’s here that my memories really started to saturate my mind. Those trees. Man those trees. My appreciation for the woods really took hold of me when I moved down to Milwaukee Wisconsin. Trees were replaced with buildings. Buildings full of people. Sounds of running water, twigs snapping, leaves slightly clashing were replaced with sirens, engines and yelling. Peace was replaced with the intoxicating rush of the city. It grew on me as repetition sometimes can. My life is here now. I spend my time designing this and that with the beauty of nature in mind. It’s not as apparent in what I do as much as I’d like sometimes, but it’s there. Just like those trees are there, up north, waiting patiently for the soft footed to brisk the land they so gracefully rest on. And with that, I finish with a sentence, commonly stopped with a typical period.